Website updates

Created an entirely new website in early 2018, with the goal of making it easier for people to find what they are looking for and connecting the site more to our social channels that drive sales (Instagram). 

  • Percentage of web growth in 2018 by sales. 

  • Revenue: up 75.7%

  • Units sold: up 84.2% 

  • Number of orders: +106.7%

  • Visits: +26.3%


Since I took over we have gained roughly 1000+ followers. (percent increase)  Creating a story in our highlights and story is detrimental, and is one of our best tools to get customers in the store or purchasing through the app itself. 

Implemented a better process for shipping so customers get the product much faster and have a better chance of ordering via web channels (Instagram and website). 


2018 was the best year for sales the store has had in their 15 years of being open after I started working there. 

Compared to 2017, average sale value went up by 13.1%, however transactions total went down by 3.78%, because there was slightly less foot traffic. However, it didn’t matter, because people were spending more money than years past. Net sales for the year went up by 9.48%, which for a very small business is significant.

email campaigns

Created an email marketing strategy, sending monthly emails through mail chimp; promoting new products, events, as well as promotions for the store. The industry average is 12.73% for open rates, our average is about 17.5%. Click through rates have also increased from our emails over the last 12 months, working as a sort of “window shopping” tool to get people interested, and then in the store.