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Mikaela Harrod

Mikaela Youngblood Harrod is dedicated to the outdoors and “ready-to-explore.”  With a world-class smile and contagious laughter, she wins the hearts of babies, grandmas and puppy dogs worldwide.   Her oceanic scaled passion and “old-soul” perspective is clear ; whether she’s mermaiding in the ocean or stomping grounds between the peaks - beyond the evergreen tree line. She is a part of a small group of elite emerging apparel designers based out of the Midwest with a compass that points worldwide.


Mikaela’s approach to join the Gina Marie team as a design and marketing intern included an irresistible twinkle in her eye, a flirtatious smile and a big ‘ol “please.”  Having previously said no to other internship applications, something about Mikaela resonated with Gina.  She wanted to make it work, she wanted to exercise how to be a boss lady and she wanted to do it with Mikaela by her side. And so it begins…


A day in the life of Mikaela Youngblood : She wakes up full of whimsy, finds a cup of Italian “Miel” coffee, and begins her morning salutation. This allows her to have a moment of introspection and prepare for a glorious day and observe the sun peeking above the horizon, proving its potential for another gorgeous day of sunbeams and smiles.  Her grass is green, her flowers are fragrant and in full bloom.  She is fresh, she is relaxed and she is with her fr-amily.  Next she’ll crack her water bottle, open her laptop, slip in her earbuds bumping with cool reggae and book a ticket to the next sun and sea destination.  After a couple hours of storytelling her latest adventure and story blog reading for the one coming up,  she zips up her backpack and takes off. She soaks it all in, she’s filled with inspiration and she records it all.  After a full day she heads home to cook with friends and German Shepard and enjoys the late summer evening as she edits pics on her phone with the fireflies orchestrating a light show around her.  It's only Tuesday and tomorrow, tomorrow will be totally different but just as Youngblood.


What’s Youngblood? Youngblood is her birth name.  Youngblood is a term of perspective, the perspective to view everything as an opportunity. She has a soft heart,  a strong will and an appreciation for the body and beauty. Youngblood is an opportunity to daydream and realize; those dreams can be a tangible, untethered reality with strong belief, passion, drive and focus.  “Goals are dreams with deadlines” and that direction leads to her eagerness to travel, foster beautiful relationships, remain rooted, and create beauty with scissors and cloth…. That is the Youngblood dance.  


For Mikaela, hiking in the mountains is also cohesive with one of her first passions ; designing.  She designs in a multidisciplinary realm of movable, wearable, washable, packable, travel wear from cotton jersey to soft shimmering linen.  For a refreshing change, Mikeala also rides the waves from Hawaii, Barcelona and to Vietnam and teaches those who doggy paddle how to swim.  She makes fast friends and shares selfies from home of her and her dogs, Kova and Cleo.


-Gina Marie